Summer Schedule

The British Cultural Studies Centre (BCSC) will be closed during the summer holidays until the admission session in September.

Further information about the September session will be posted at a later date.

See you after the summer vacation!

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note admitere vara


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Programare admitere BCS – iulie 2018



Preşedinte:      Prof. dr. Bogdan Ștefănescu

Membri:          Conf. dr. Sorana Corneanu
Conf. dr. Ioana Zirra
Secretar:         Asist. drd. Alexandra Bacalu

Interviurile vor avea loc la Centrul de Studii Culturale Britanice (Str. Pitar Moș 7-13, etajul 1). Toți candidații, cu excepția primului, sunt rugați să vină cu zece minute înainte de ora la care sunt programați.


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Admissions 2018-2020: info

During the application period (7-14 July), the British Cultural Studies Centre will be closed. Candidates must submit their application at the Office of Admissions (Edgar Quinet St. 5-7 – 2nd floor, room 214, in front of the Secretary’s Office).

During this period, the secretary of the BCSC will be at the Office of Admissions, which means that you can  submit your CV/letter of application/letter(s) of recommendation/ photo(s) together with your application.

In exceptional circumstances, you may bring your CV/letter of application/letter(s) of recommendation/photo(s) to the BCSC on the date of the interview.

If you would like us to send you the exam/interview bibliography in PDF format, please send us an e-mail at

Good luck!

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Admissions 2018-2020

Application period: July 7-14

Read all about the (3-step) application and admissions process HERE

Exam bibliography:

1. Appadurai, Arjun, Modernity at Large. Cultural Dimensions of Globalization, Mineapolis: University of Minesota Press, (©1996), 2000. (pp.66-85).

2. Bauman, Zygmunt, Liquid Modernity, Cambridge: Polity Press, 2001. (pp.168-172).

3. Burke, Peter. Varieties of Cultural History. Cambridge & Oxford: Polity Press, 2003. (pp. 1-22, 162-182, 183-212).

4. Gabardi, Wayne, Negotiating Postmodernism. Minneapolis/London: University of Minnesota Press, 2001 (pp. 3-40, 144-147).

5. Mulhern, Francis, Culture/Metaculture, London: Routledge, 2000 (pp. 157-169).

6. Leerssen, Joep. “Imagology: History and method.” Imagology: The cultural construction and literary representation of national characters. Ed. Manfred Beller and Joep Leerssen. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi. 2007. (pp. 17-32).

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Admissions 2018-2020

poster 2018-2020 b1bRo1X.jpg

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Current Schedule



      1st YEAR


16-18 Multiculturalism (Prof. Monica Bottez, BCS)


16-18 Configurarea Republicii Literelor (Dr. Sorana Corneanu, BCS )

18-20 Constructii Identitare ( Dr. Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru, BCS )


16-18 Inscrisuri postcoloniale ( Dr. Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru, 2)

18-20 Recartografieri ( Prof. Mădădlina Nicolaescu, BCS)


16-18 Caracterul Britanic in Arte ( Dr. Daniela Brown, BCS )

18-20 Istoria Ideilor ( Prof. Mihaela Irimia, BCS )

 2nd YEAR


18-20 Imagologie ( Prof. Monica Bottez, BCS )


16-18 Istorie Urbana ( Dr. Dragoș Ivana, 8 )

18-20 Comunicare in afaceri ( Dr. Mariana Nicolae, 5 )


16-18 Cultura Imaginii ( Prof. Mădălina Nicolaescu, BCS )

18-20 Symbolic Violence ( Prof. Radu Surdulescu, 4 )


16-18 Caracterul britanic in arte: Muzica ( Dr. Alina Bottez, BCS )


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