Welcome to the Centre for British Cultural Studies at the University of Bucharest

The British Cultural Studies (BCS) MA Programme is hosted by the British Cultural Studies Centre (BCSC) and was founded, under the auspices of the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, by the British Council. Since 1993, the year of its foundation, the programme has seen curricular reshuffles and adaptations to meet with societal developments and students’ expectations.

Interdisciplinary and internationally recognized, the BCS Programme unfolds its current activity in a centre of excellence equipped with updated furniture, electronic infrastructure and information resources, in compliance with European regulations. The relaxing atmosphere of the place, the interactive methods used and debates ‘over a cup of tea’ increase the sense of pleasurable enjoyment.

The programme is taught exclusively in English by Romanian and British specialists and comprises 2 main components: Britishness in various institutions (the English, Irish, Scottish mindcast; historical and institutional developments; the national character of the UK; media culture); individual/collective identity and the public space (the public sphere, political life, visual culture, religious specificity, public relations, international intercultural relations).

Courses taught cover an extensive area, among which: Cultural Identity & the History of Ideas; Cultural Anthropology; A Sense of Britishness; Modernity Studies; Media Culture; Discourse and the Public Sphere; Postcolonialism & Postcommunism; Identity Construction; Imagology; Area Studies; Cultural Management & Business Development.

Occupational opportunities: diplomacy, cultural management, PR, media, business, British Council, the UK Embassy, education (Cultural Studies is a discipline taught at secondary school level as well).

Admission by interview (candidates can be graduates of any higher education profile). Massive encouragement to interdisciplinary approaches, to enable BCS graduates to cope with international requirements.

For further details, please contact the British Cultural Studies Centre (BCSC), str. Pitar Moş, no. 7-11 (Facultatea de Limbi şi Literaturi Străine), where the BCSC Secretary, Ms. Adriana Mihai (tel. 021-3181580 / 114, e-mail: bcsunibuc@gmail.com) will be happy to offer assistance.

We are looking forward to having you on our programme,

Prof. Mihaela Irimia, PhD

Director of Studies
British Cultural Studies Centre
Centre of Excellence for the Study of Cultural Identity
7-11, Pitar Moş St.
Bucharest I, Romania
Tel (o) :  +40 (0) 21 – 318.1580 / ext. 114
Tel (h) :  +40 (0) 21 – 327.6080
GSM   :  +40 (0) 742.096.020
E-mail  : irimia.mihaela@clicknet.ro, mirimia2003@yahoo.com

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