Dissertation Format Guide

As most of you already know, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures opts for the MLA standard formatting for an academic paper, whose manual can be found here and here.

You have used this style for your assignments during the MA and you should use it for your dissertation, as well. However, there are several issues regarding the formatting of your paper that need to be stressed and I will try to clarify them in the following lines:

1. Although the MLA requires double-spacing, the BCS team usually prefers the Word line spacing of 1.5, which keeps the text both readable and consistent. You will not be penalized if you use the double-spacing, but it is frowned upon as it is often used to illegitimately increase the paper length.

2. The front page should bear the title of your thesis written in English, the university, the MA program, your and your supervisor’s names, written in Romanian. Here’s an example of the front page:

3. The rest of your paper will be written exclusively in English.

4. The structure of your paper needs to have:
– (table of) contents;
– a 3-4 page introduction, where you need to contextualize your topic by placing it within a larger, ongoing critical conversation, present and argue for the methodological framework you have chosen in analyzing your topic, state the main thesis of your paper and its relevance in the field of British cultural studies and present a summary of your chapters which proves the logical development of your argument.
– the chapters of your paper need be discussed with your supervisor beforehand.
– the conclusions should not exceed 2 or 3 pages and should reassert the main arguments which lead to your thesis.

5. We recommend the comb bound thesis, which uses a plastic comb spine for accommodating punched documents (îndosariere cu spirală de plastic).

6. Bring 2 hard copies of your paper and a copy on a digital support (CD); one of the hard copies and the CD will be handed in to the evaluation committee, and the other hard copy is your own. It is also advisable you bring a handout for each of the members of the committee.

If you have any other questions regarding the formatting or the organizational process of your final exam, I’m at your disposal. Fingers crossed, everyone!


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