Timetable (first semester, 2015-2016)


MONDAY 16-18 Remapping Cultural Space I (Irina Pană, room 62)

TUESDAY 16-18 Irish Identities (Ioana Zirra, room 81)
18-20 Scottish Identities (Jim Brown, room 63)

WEDNESDAY 14-16 History of Ideas (Mihaela Irimia, room 3)

16-18 Celtic Cultural Memory (Ioana Zirra, James Brown, Martin Potter, room 62)

18-20 Cultural Anthropology (Radu Surdulescu, room 44)

FRIDAY 14-16 The Rhetorical Construction of National Identity (Bogdan Ştefănescu, room 63)


MONDAY – 18-20 Business Communication (Daria Protopopescu, room 43)

TUESDAY – 16-18 Dicourse and the Public Sphere (Irina Pană, room 63)

WEDNESDAY – 16-18 Perspectives on Modernity I (Mihaela Irimia, room 3)

18-20 Religious Values and Institutions I (Ioana Gogeanu, room 62)

THURSDAY – 18-20 Media Communication (Mihaela Precup, room 57 bis)

FRIDAY – 12-14 Postcommunism and postcolonialism (Bogdan Ştefănescu, room 44)
14-16 Perspectives on Modernity II (Sorana Corneanu, room 62)

ADDRESS: Universitatea Nicolae Titulescu, Calea Văcăreşti 185

MORE INFORMATIONhttp://lls.unibuc.ro/orare/

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