Schedule, 2nd semester, 2015-2016


MONDAY 16-18 Remapping Cultural Space II (M. Nicolaescu, BCSC)

18-20 Narratives of Diaspora (S. Draga, BCSC)

TUESDAY 16-18 Indian Identity (S. Draga, room 4)

18-20 History of Ideas II (M. Irimia, BCSC)

WEDNESDAY 16-18 Britishness in the Arts: Visual Arts (D. Brown, BCSC)

THURSDAY 16-18 Shaping the Republic of Letters (S. Corneanu, BCSC)

18-20 Multiculturalism (M. Bottez,  Twain)



TUESDAY 16-18 Business Communication (M. Nicolae, BCSC)

18-20 Religious Values and Institutions II (M. Potter, room 8)

WEDNESDAY 16-18 City Studies (D. Ivana, catedra mică)

18-20 Media and Globalization (M. Nicolaescu, BCSC)

THURSDAY 18-20 Symbolic Violence (R. Surdulescu, BCSC)

FRIDAY 16-18 Imagology (M. Bottez, BCSC)
18-20 Britishness in the Arts: Shakespeare and Music (A. Bottez, BCSC)

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