Student Internships

Undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures who would like to apply for an internship at the British Cultural Studies Centre must contact the BCSC secretary and give him or her their contact details (full name, study programme, year of study, e-mail and/or telephone number). Make sure you have your student ID with you. Our secretary will then e-mail you and let you know when you need to come to the centre. Students who complete the required amount of hours (50 hours for B.A. students, 20 days for M.A. students) will receive a certificate which they must submit when applying for graduation.

Internship activities include:

  • library management
  • digital resource management
  • loans, returns and renewals
  • academic event planning
  • website management
  • design of advertising materials
  • other general administrative activities

For more information regarding student internships at the Faculty of Foregin Languages and Literature of the University of Bucharest, please access: