Ioana Zirra

zirraDr. IOANA ZIRRA is a Joyce scholar at the University of Bucharest, also teaching Victorian and British 20th c. literature, Irish cultural identity, Yeats, Heaney, literary criticism and theory. Her PhD and area of interest are the theory of modernity, comparative literature, cultural identity and memory, publishing a volume on Narratives of Theory in Modernity after 1945, and editing, in 2016, together with Madeline Potter, a Peter Lang volume: The Literary Avatars of Christian Sacramentality, Theology and Practical Life in Modernity (which gathered twenty-two papers of the ACED 2015 conference).

Recent publications

  • ‘The Ghost or the Host? The Re-Entry of Irish Contemporary Poetry through the Postcolonial Door,’ Mythologies of the (M)otherland/ Mythologies de la mere patrie et de la terre d’accueil, (ed.) Evelyne Hanquart-Turner, Editions A3, Paris XII, 2004.
  • ‘Unforgetting the Ogres: Mircea Cartarescu’s Postmodern Encyclopeadia as an Ironic Site of Memory’, A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies: Sites of Memory, Department of English, University of Bucharest,Vol.V, no.3, 2003.
  • British Culture and Civilization Themes,Bucharest: Oscar Print, 2002/2004.
  • Contributions of the British 19th Century – The Victorian Age- to the History of Literature and Ideas,Bucharest: Editura Universitatii, 2001.
  • Analysing the Rhetoric of Western Contradiction as Seen from the Northern Irish (Post-?)Colonial Perspective, in the ‘University of Bucharest Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies’, vol IV, no. 3-4,Orientalism and Occidentalism’,Bucharest, 2002.
  • How Modern is the Modern Romanian Fantastic? in ‘Plural’, no 4, the ‘Culture and Civilization’ Series, Bucharest: The Romanian Cultural Foundation, 1999.

2 Responses to Ioana Zirra

  1. ramona stanciu says:

    ioana zirra este una dintre cele mai deosebite doamne profesoare ale universitatii bucuresti.

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