James Brown

Dr. JAMES BROWN (MA EdJim Browninburgh, MSc Glasgow) teaches Aspects of Scottish Culture. His teaching programme in the English Department of the University of Bucharest also includes a course in British Civilization and seminars in Victorian literature for undergraduates, and a seminar in language enhancement for postgraduate students of translation. He is currently completing a doctoral thesis on the image of the Romanian lands in 19th century British travel writing.

Recent publications

  • “In cautarea specificului scotian”. Secolul 21, nr. 449-453, aug.-dec. 2002: 140-153
  • “From Trajan’s Visiting Card to Iliana’s Nose: 19th Century British Travellers and the Memory of Rome in the Romanian Lands”. University of Bucharest Review: A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies. V: 3 (2003) “Sites of Memory”: 174-184


  • Liiceanu, Gabriel. The Păltiniş Diary. Budapest: CEU Press, 2000
  • Boia, Lucian. History and Myth in Romanian Consciousness . Budapest: CEU Press, 2001
  • Boia, Lucian. Romania: Borderland of Europe. London: Reaktion Books, 2001

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